Monday, March 30, 2009

IVF Consult/ Done!

I don't have the energy to go through all of the details tonight, but it has been a very full day.  In a nutshell, we will be cycling in April with an estimated egg retrieval the first week of May.  It looks like the RE prefers 5 day blastocyst transfers, so we can freak out for 5 days until we see what the good ones look like.  We will be doing what I believe to be the antagonist protocol.  I am not taking birth control pills or doing Lupron shots, so there will not be any suppression.  I will simply wait for my dear AF and begin stims of Follistim and Menopur on cd2.  Ganirelix will be added into the mix at some point to prevent the lead follies from ovulating too early.  Then after embryo transfer, I will begin the joyful giant PIO in the ass shots.  All I can think of is Charlotte on Sex and the City with that giant bruise on her back side.  Of course it will all be worth it when Baby Sunshine becomes a reality!

We have many appointments between now and then, and I will keep everyone updated.  First thing is our meds instruction a week from tomorrow, followed by our ART facility orientation that same evening.  I work every day between now and then, so that should help keep the obsessing at bay.   But just a little fun obsessing to get me through....if AF arrives on April 20, Baby Sunshine's due date will be January 25th.  If two little embies snuggle in tight, we may have Christmas babies on our hands.  And, with our potential ET/ER dates, I very well could have our embabies floating in my uterus for Mother's Day.  I know it would be too soon to actually be pregnant, but somehow just knowing they will be in there makes the day more tolerable.  OK, done obsessing....much better than my negative side though, right???


  1. very exciting to have a plan and a ray of hope for xmas babies :) can't wait to hear more details!

  2. yay! sunny sunshine is my favorite side of you.. i can almost see the beam from your house to mine. positite vibes coming your way!! and lots of prayer of course love you big!