Wednesday, March 18, 2009

9 dpiui psychosis

I am starting to freak out.  Freak out almost to the point that I'm scared to blog about it.  But that's silly.  What's done is done.  Either I am knocked up or not.  I can't jinx the result by blogging about it.  IUI #1 ended tragically on 10 dpiui.  If I remember correctly I had some hints to its impending doom the day before.  No hints today, and today is almost over.  I just keep saying if I make it to Friday, I will be feeling pretty confident.  Until then I am on tp watch.  

I am asymptomatic, so nothing is encouraging me to think I am pg.  I tend to not have symptoms with most things though.  My hypothyroidism went undiagnosed for who knows how long.  My doctor said, "You must be feeling miserable!"  I wasn't.  Just a little tired and cold and packing on the pounds, but I've had weight issues most of my life.  Who knew?  When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, I also had no clue.  So I s'pose I could be pregnant and have no idea.  I prefer to think that is the case.  We'll all know soon enough.  Hopefully I'll be posting a great beta number and not a post full of expletives.  Stay tuned...

Please, Dear Lord, let this be the end of our long journey.  Please bless us with a little one.


  1. I'm praying for you and for a blessing of Baby Sunshine.

  2. I am thinking about you today! You deserve some great news in the next few days! ~GymDogFran (TTC +35)