Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here we go again.  IUI #2 is in the morning, and again, I am very hopeful.  Round Two has seemed to go more smoothly, and dare I say I feel like an expert.  When we left the RE on Saturday I said to Pierce that I thought it was odd that we had not seen our RE since the last IUI.  I know that he adjusted my meds because a nurse called to change my protocol, but I have not actually seen him since he told me to put my feet together and stay on the table a few minutes after IUI #1.  I did meet the other RE in the office on Saturday.  He came by to introduce himself and confirm that pushing IUI#2 to Monday was the best idea.  So basically, I have been at the mercy of the sono-lady, Favorite Nurse, and Other Nurse.

As of Saturday, I had 3 lead follies at 19.5, 16, and 15.5, and my lining was at 14.7.  There were three other follies at 14.5,14.5, and 14.  The big question was whether to give me the trigger shot Saturday morning to release the 3 and have the IUI today or to wait and trigger Saturday evening , give the other 3 a chance to grow a little more, and have the IUI on Monday.  All agreed that since next stop on the IF train is IVF to go with Plan B.  Pierce gave me the trigger shot last night around 9:15, and our appointment is tomorrow at 11:30.  Last time our IUI took place about 10-12 hours prior to ovulation.  This time it should be right around or slightly after.  This is just the slight change I needed to give me renewed faith in the process.  If something is just a little bit different, then I can rationalize in my mind that I can expect different results.  Pray for them, as I have been for the past week. 

I will update tomorrow when I get home, assuming I don't develop OHSS again.  I feel less medicated this time, so hopefully no issues with hyperstimulation.  Wish us luck.  This is probably our last chance for a 2009 baby.  I am trying not to think of it that way, but I am a sucker for looking at the due date calendar.  Right now December 4 is Baby Sunshine's due date, and I like it. : )


  1. Praying for you, Indiana! And December 4th is my mom's birthday AND my brother's birthday as well as my best friend's brother's birthday and an ex-boyfriend's sister's birthday. Follow that? Anyway, I just hope everything works out for you!


  2. Yes, let us know how it goes. I am thinking of you!

  3. Go Baby Sunshine!!!! I so hope this works. You are my favorite poster on the TTC Over 35 Board!