Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Different this time....

We are currently stimming for IUI #2.  It feels so different from IUI #1.  I guess I am disenchanted with the whole process this time around, but I do remember thinking last time that it wasn't that big of a deal until the nurses started telling me how great things were going.  Damn nurses!  I won't fall for that again!  But seriously, I am trying to be positive and believe that this can work this time.  I know lots of ladies who have been successful on IUI #2.  I can...I will be one of them.  I will.  That's all there is to it!

AF showed last Friday morning and presented me with some interesting logistical problems. I was already at work, of course, and the hospital is about 30 miles from work.  I called the RE, assuming that they would see me Saturday morning for a baseline u/s, but I was told they don't do those on Saturdays.  She proceeded to let me know that I had to get to their office by 11:15 if I wanted to start treatment this cycle.  Otherwise, I had to wait this one out.  Waiting = Hell no!  I started panicking but told her I would make it.  I had less than an hour.  I tried to call my boss twice, no answer.  Tried to find my assistant, MIA.  Called HR and left a message for my boss, scribbled a note to my assistant, and ran out the door in my flip-flops but carrying my heels, ran through the mall to the parking garage, elevator to the fifth floor, drove like a crazy woman and made it by 11:10.

Pierce was there waiting for me.  We were only in the waiting room briefly, and then we went to the room that I have come to know so well.  The nurse found only 1 remaining cyst but warned me that they may not proceed with treatment due to the size (19 mm).  We were not happy with that thought.  I got dressed and went to the next room, where Favorite Nurse was waiting for us.  Favorite Nurse gave us the thumbs up, and after some scrambling to figure out how to get me more meds over the weekend, sent us on our merry way.  4 days of 150iu of Follistim and first follie check on Thursday. 

Tomorrow is shot #4, and I am dying to know what my little follies will look like this time around.  I have heard from some that it is a crap shoot, and I shouldn't expect this cycle to go like the last.  I guess since I didn't like the end result that maybe that's a good thing.  Things seemed to progress and go very well the first time.  I think even Favorite Nurse is stumped as to why I am not knocked up already.  I have ramped up the wheatgrass and started taking a thyroid support supplement.  My TSH was down to 2.6 three weeks ago, so that shouldn't be preventing me from getting pregnant.  I don't know what else I can do but pray.


  1. and thats what we will do... pray. everyday. :) love you guys.

  2. I totally agree with no waiting. Cancelled cycles are the worst. I wish you luck with this one!
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  3. I will be praying for ya!!! I'm so happy you made it in by the time deadline and you don't have to wait out a cycle.

    I hope the nurses see exactly what they need for you to move forward with the IUI and that it's successful!