Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meds, paperwork, and embryo custody?

The week of work and not obsessing is coming to a close.  Tuesday's med instruction and hospital orientation are weighing heavily on my mind.  Thursday it only took a five minute phone call to the Apothecary to learn that my IVF meds will total $3,570.35.  That's actually less that I had thought they would be, and I told the pharmacist this.  She seemed shocked.  I think I have completely lost any concept of reality when it comes to the cost of this.  If I allow myself to think about all of the girls who get knocked up for free, I will continue to get more pissed off. So expecting my meds to be 5 grand and learning they are only 3,500 is fabulous.  We will be expecting our box of fabulous on Tuesday, the 14th.  Thankfully, Grams has already sent installment #1 of Baby Sunshine's funding.

Last night I started sifting through the folder of paperwork the hospital gave us.  I hate reading consent forms and learning every imaginable complication that could befall me!  I also really love signing papers that say even though I am giving you a shitload of money,  you are in no way responsible for the outcome of my treatment.  I mean really!  However, the craziest paperwork of all was that pertaining to cryopreservation of embryos.  As with everything else, they assume no responsibility for loss in the freezing and thawing process.  Mkay..... And Pierce and I have to decide the future of our frozen embryos in the event of our deaths or divorce.   Whoa, there will be none of that.  For the sake of paperwork, we have decided that I receive custody of the embryos if this perfect marriage should fail.  I mean, I am the one with the uterus.

On Friday in the middle of all of this stuff, it looked like my body might be gearing up to ovulate.  I was in complete shock!  I have never had o problems before, but my body forgot how to do this the cycle after IUI #1, so I assumed it would follow suit this time around.  I could not get home from work quickly enough!  I was convinced that it was a sign from God.  This was our ultimate Hail Mary cycle, and IVF wouldn't be necessary.  Well, it is now Sunday, and I don't think it ever happened unless my thermometer is whacked.  Who knows.  I wasn't expecting it, but it sure would have been nice!


  1. I'm excited about your progress with IVF. (And hot dog the news about the meds is great!)

    Look at it this are now increasing your odds from IUI to IVF by 400-500%. That's huge! I really hope the best for you.

  2. Just the positive vibe I needed! Love ya, Liv!