Friday, April 17, 2009

And we wait

Before I bring everyone's attention to the content of said picture, how about a round of applause for the simple fact that I know HOW to post a picture in my blog???  Pretty exciting stuff, eh?  Nearly as exciting as the contents of the innocent enough looking box that FEDEX delivered on Tuesday.  And voila, here they are, scary IVF meds.  It seems unfathomable to me that I will put all of this in my body in about 4 weeks time.  The majority of it in 10 days.  But when?  I told the RE that AF would probably arrive April 20.  I really thought sooner, but tomorrow is the 18th, and no sign of the old hag.  Yeah, just my luck.

Last Monday we had our mock transfer which involved me emptying my bladder 1 hour and 15 minutes before our appointment time, and then chugging 32 ounces to refill it for the appointment.  This would have been fine except that they had overbooked their morning and didn't get me in until an hour later than scheduled.  I felt on the brink of explosion and was pretty certain I would pee on the doctor.  They offered to let me "go" a little bit to make me more comfortable, but I told them that I was pretty sure once it started it wasn't gonna stop! So while I held it a few minutes longer, my RE threaded a catheter through my cervix and in to my uterus.  The sono lady showed me everything on the screen.  It was completely amazing!  The doc removed the catheter and told us that our transfer would be easy, and there was nothing wrong with my parts.  So why do I feel like there is??   Anyway,  I got dressed and beelined for the bathroom.  Ahhhhhh..........

On Wednesday we went back to the office for my baseline u/s.  We were happy to learn that our last IUI failure had not left us with any ugly reminders in the form of cysts.  All clear!  Yay!  Also, we are starting this cycle with 14 antral follicles!  That's huge for an old lady.  If we were able to get 14 eggs, we would probably have some to freeze, assuming they fertilize correctly.  I do bounce back and forth between optimism and dread.  I am told this is common.  I am sure it is even more common among the completely out-of-pocket expense set.  I am trying not to think about that though.  All I want to think about is our family coming together, the family I have waited so long for and dreamed of nearly all my life.  Happy thoughts!


  1. WooHoo on the Photo Posting!!! And Yippee on getting your IVF meds!

    Oh, the overfull bladder while they're doing there thing down there AND the u/s is terrible! With our first IUI they said to come in with a full bladder. I was fine when I got there, but after a 45 minute delay I was d-y-i-ng. The nurse asked me, "Do you have a full bladder?" when she went for the u/s...and I said yes. As soon as she wanded me she said, "Wow, that's really full!"

    and that made me laugh. and laugh. I couldn't stop! My insides are on the u/s screen just jiggling. I thought for sure the laughing was going to make me pee right then and there. It was pretty funny.

    C'mon AF, she's ready to get this party started. We are praying for Sunshines's success!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of "stuff"!! Hope AF shows up soon for you! Good luck!