Sunday, April 26, 2009

IVF Follie check #1

I am a little behind in documenting this journey.  In a perfect world, I would be able to take vacation and completely chill out during this process.  I actually was just looking at my pay stub from Friday, and it seems that my vacation days are maxed out, as in I need to take some because I can't accrue anymore.  Can someone please explain this to my boss? 

Friday was follie check #1, and we had 10 rising to the occasion.  I was actually surprised there weren't more with as much medicine as I am taking in; however, I have never taken Menopur so I assume that is making some of the difference.  The fab 10 were fairly close in size, which is what we want them to be, measuring on the left side: 11.5,10, and 2@ 7.5; on the right: 13,12, 2@10.5, and 2@8.  Lining was already up to 13 and only needed to be a 6 to be "on track".   We were sent home with instructions to continue the 300ius of Follistim and 150 ius of Menopur and start the Ganirelix shots on Friday night.  

Tomorrow is follie check #2, and to say I am bloated is an understatement!  Favorite Nurse estimated that ER will be this Thursday, the 30th.  If we are still on track for that tomorrow, we will most likely do one final FSH injection and Ganirelix tomorrow night and my trigger shot on Tuesday night.  I think we also start PIO shots with the trigger, but I am not sure. I may have blocked that out!

I had a stressful end to the work day on Friday, and as I was venting to my mom on the way home she told me, "You probably shouldn't let this bother you so much.  You need to relax."  I was thinking the exact same thing.  I am glad I didn't have that day after embryo transfer.  But those days are unavoidable unless I get some much needed vacation.  I think the hormones are making me more vulnerable.  I cry over almost anything these days.  And to top it off, I need to call my grandmother and ask for a check to cover the rest of this process.  I know she knows it's coming, but I really hate asking!  Why can't I be like everyone else I know IRL and get knocked up the old fashioned and free way?  IF sucks!  I do pray that God will put an end to this suffering in the next few weeks.  I still don't know what lesson I am supposed to be learning here.  I am guessing it has something to do with patience, but I think I learned that one while waiting for my marriage proposal!

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  1. Starting down the road of IF as well. Had to laugh at your patience mention. I thought I learned that while we were dating too. Only took him 4 years to propose!!!