Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bad Sunshine

OK I have done a really crummy job of keeping up with this.  I have all of the numbers from Follie Check #2 and #3 and will post them over the weekend when I feel up to it.  Right now I can feel the effects of my trigger shot and am dreading a long night at work.  Retrieval is at 8:15 tomorrow morning.  No eating or medication after midnight, no perfumes, no makeup, no putting gas in the car on the way to the hospital.  Apparently all smells are toxic to embryos, so we have to be a blank slate.  Ivory soap blank.  I am scared to death and broke down in tears last night when I got my Ovidrel shot.  Please send lots of prayers for healthy mature eggs and a great fertilization rate.  Cycle 20 has to = BFP!


  1. I know I just "happened" upon your page---but prayers and baby dust your way!!! Hoping you get the BFP after your 2ww!!!! Keep us posted!

  2. I know I'm posting my comment waaaaay late...but know that I have been so thinking about you this whole week especially yesterday while you had your ER. I'm so excited for you. I will continue to keep you in our prayers!!!