Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ultrasound Anticipation

It is still 10 days away, but I am actually beginning to believe this is a viable pregnancy.  My symptoms went away for a day or so last week, and I completely freaked out.  My cousin, who went through 5 years of fertility treatments and NEVER got pregnant, was in town, and I told her how worried I was.  She agreed that she would be the same way if she had ever gotten pregnant, but in my case she was pretty sure that all was fine.  For whatever reason, possibly because I want to so badly, I choose to believe her.  She's more like a sister to me, and from that moment forward I felt better.  Better, actually meaning, that I feel physically worse.  Symptoms have returned and ramped up with a vengeance.  Happy to report still no real signs of morning sickness.  We have officially reached 6 weeks,  and I am told that if it's coming it should show any time.  Cramping, constipation, and being completely exhausted most of the time has become standard.  In fact I am struggling to write this blog entry before I fall asleep yet again! 

Anyway, tomorrow is June 1.  I am just excited for it to be June 'cause when our u/s was scheduled for JUNE two weeks ago, it felt like forever.  It's still 10 days away, but somehow being in June makes it all better.  June is also an important month because it marks the 2 year anniversary of closing on our beautiful home, and it is my grandmother's birthday.   It seems only right to mention the birthday of the wonderful woman who helped make this miracle a reality by funding Project Baby Sunshine.  Happy Birthday, Grams!  I had two great-grandmothers when I was born, but our children will only have one.  One day I will tell them all you did to bring them to life.  Saying thank you seems so trivial, but I suppose it's a start.

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  1. Can't wait to hear how the U/S goes and find out if 84% of us are right and there are two babies in there!!!
    Thinking of you and sending great U/S vibes your way!!