Sunday, January 25, 2009

The waiting is torture

11dpiui.  Yesterday there was a tad (barely measurable) of pink spotting, but then it was gone.  Of course it nearly sent me in to tears at work as I was assuming the inevitable end of cycle 16. However, I know from so many long nights reading the Nest boards that this could be a good sign, and I shouldn't give up hope.  I am totally conflicted right now as to what kind of hope to give myself.  On one hand, I want to remain positive, but on the other, I am too scared to be let down again.  It is even worse now that there are financial implications to add to the already raw emotional ones.

Dear God, Please remember Pierce and I and do what you feel is right for our future family.  We know we have little control over these things and only you can bless us with a child.  Please give us patience as we wait for your answer.

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