Sunday, January 11, 2009

6 Days in and all is well....

Well, I never thought I would say this, but these shots don't completely suck.  We have a system where I put a big ice pack on the appropriate spot on my belly while Pierce prepares the Follistim pen.  When he's good to go, I am completely numb and it's a piece of cake.  I hope he ends up giving me my Ovidrel trigger since we have this system.  The nurse at the RE office said that it's possible that I will get it there, but sans ice, I fear I will be a complete mess.  I hope to know more about how this will all play out tomorrow.  I have also been very pleased with my lack of side effects from the meds.  This morning I woke up feeling bloated, but there have been no crying spells (except for during the Barbara Walters' Patrick Swayze interview, but really didn't everyone?), no head spinning, no pea soup propelling...I have been just me with a few little pricks in my tummy.

Saturday we had our first follie check.  I had 2 dominant follicles at 10.8 and 10.7, and the next two largest were 8.5 and 7.8.  I am sure there were others, but my doc only wants 4 good ones to avoid high order multiples.  I have forced myself not to think about that predicament too much as I am more consumed with it working at all, much less working too well.  My RE was very pleased with how my body was responding to the meds, and I left his office feeling very proud of my 39 year-old, over-achieving ovaries!

Follie check #2, aka date #3 with dildo cam, is tomorrow morning at 8.  I am a bit anxious because I have a feeling that since I am on the fast track that this IUI is coming up end of this week.  If for any reason my eggs have deviated from said course, then I have a whole other set of neuroses about running out of meds.  So far we have shot up 875 iu's, and we only have 325 left.  I have asked for time off from work this week starting Thursday until Tuesday of next week.  Way back in December (like a lifetime ago in retail standards), I tried to plan out my cycle so I could be home with my feet up after this procedure.  Thanks to being incredibly regular, it looks like my plan will work.  But, of course, I am still more than a little apprehensive about believing I could be that fortunate.

On a completely different note, I would like to thank everyone who has visited and commented on this little blog project of mine.  It is only about a month old, but I sense it will continue to be my safe place for some time to come.  I started this as a place to vent and record my feelings without being a burden to those who may be tired of listening to my trials and tribulations; however, I have found comfort in knowing that someone out there is still listening voluntarily. So again I say a million thank you's for making me feel less alone in this world of uncertainty.  If any of you have blogs and would like to attach them in your comments, I would love to get to know you all better as well.  To my real life friends who read this, thank you for sticking by me. I can't say all have been so brave.  xoxo

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  1. Way to go to the Sunshine Follies! Hope they continue to behave and follow the right course. I'm also impressed with how well you've taken to the injections - That's great!

    Here's hoping that you get to use that ice pack for boo boos (not injection sites) soon!