Saturday, January 17, 2009

3dpiui Let's see how much I remember....

Well, we went for follie check #2 last Monday, and the little monsters were getting huge and seemed to be multiplying.  My left ovary was still dominant with the largest follies measuring 16.0,16.0,15.0,14.0,14.0 and the right had two large-ish ones measuring 12.0 and 11.5.  Everyone started freaking out that I had too many.  All I could think was, "oh, crap. They're going to cancel this cycle."  Everything had been going too smoothly.  I felt doomed.  One of the nurses took blood to check my estrogen level and said she would call later in the day with how much Follistim to use that night.  We were to be back Tuesday morning with Ovidrel trigger in hand.

Tuesday I assumed the position in the stirrups.  My lining was continuing to grow and was at a very healthy 16.5mm.  Next we checked the follies again, and of course, there was another big one!  It seems the ones on the right had caught up to the left, so we were looking at 6 mature follies now.  The nurses continued to look freaked out, so of course, I started to panic.  We went to a consultation room where were given the multiples talk again and asked our views on selective reduction.  I know they have to do this.  I understand that, but I am still skeptical about my ability to get knocked up at all at this point.  Of course we will do what is best to keep me healthy and bring healthy babies into this world.  I know I am not a cat and not built to deliver a litter.  It's a scary thought, and when faced with six eggs I can't help but have a visual of Licorice, the cat given to me by my high school boyfriend, lying in my papasan chair with her 4 babies nursing.

Needless to say, we cleared the hurdle.  The nurse said that if I was 25, then they would cancel the cycle.  But since I am 39 (oh, the horrors!) we are going for it.  She drew blood again to check my estrogen, which was 2319, and took me to the next room to give me my trigger shot. Having my trigger shot in the morning meant that Pierce did not get to administer it, but I'll admit, I felt nothing.  It also meant that we were on for the IUI the next day.  UGH!  Now I needed a plan to get out of work.

I spent a good amount of my time at work that day trying to figure out what to tell my boss.  I was on vacation starting Thursday, but I needed it to start on Wednesday.  I knew I couldn't just call in sick because, being a boss myself, I know that calling in sick the day before vacation makes you a "loser".  I haven't worked for my boss very long and given the current business environment, I would have to find a way to not look like a flake.  In the interest of keeping my job, I decided to come clean.  I still think it is so unfair that infertiles often do not have the same privacy in their ttc journeys as the fertile world who don't have to divulge anything to their bosses until end of first tri, or at least until their morning sickness becomes too difficult to hide.  Anywho, my boss was busy all day.  Tracking this woman down became a total nightmare, and of course, the longer it took the more nervous I became.  I finally got her about half an hour before it was time to leave.  She assumed the worst when I was closing the door behind me.  I told her I needed Wednesday off, and she asked if I was alright.  Then I blurted out, "I'm going through fertility treatments!", and the tears started running down my face.  She was quick to let me know that she had a bit of experience in that area, and she understood.  I felt so much better and a bit retarded for crying....blame in on the six eggs and mass quantities of hormones.  Thankfully, it went better than expected, and I was able to go into the procedure knowing that I didn't have to make up some crazy story to be there.  I am a terrible liar.

Wednesday morning, Pierce got up for work a 3AM and I continued to sleep fitfully.  I called him at 8 to find out if he had scoped out a location to "do the deed".  He was scheduled to deliver his sample at 8:45 for the wash.  He responded that he had things under control, so I let it go, not wanting to make him nervous.  I got a text from him after 9 stating that he had made the drop and was headed back to work.  Sounds good to me.  There are just some things I don't want to know in detail.

Pierce picked up his newly clean and pretty swimmers and met me at the elevator in the hospital around 10:30.  He was concerned that his motility percentage was not very good.  I took a look at the paperwork and thought the same thing.  I said, "Well we can't do anything about it now, and it only takes one."  He agreed, but I could tell he felt bad about it.

Once in the RE's office, everything went very fast.  Pierce handed over his sample.  I stripped from the waist down, and once again assumed the position.  My RE came in with my favorite nurse, and I had to sign a piece of paper stating that Pierce was the right guy and his stuff was what I wanted them to send in.  This totally cracks me up.  I know it's a liability thing, but can you imagine the scandal?  The rest goes pretty much like having a pap.  My RE tells me to put my feet together, wishes us the best of luck, and starts to head out the door.  Pierce stops him to ask about the questionable percentage.  He looks at the paperwork and says, "No this is a totally normal sample.  You're good." and gives us a thumbs up.  Turns out that number was a number, not a percentage, and that number meant that I had just been inseminated with 39 million of Pierce's best men!  Six eggs, 39,000,000 sperm.  Seems like good odds that somebody's gonna hook up.  I laid on the table, holding his hand, feeling majorly relieved.

All that's left to do is wait.  UGH!!  The 2WW stinks!  The one thing I have always liked about the 2WW is letting myself believe I am pregnant.  I don't know.  I could be.  But when that stupid period shows up, it sure does hurt even more when I have allowed myself to dream.  I am hopeful this time.  This is something we have never tried, and it seems like our odds are good.  If they weren't good, then why all the multiples fuss?  We have been through too much for this not to work,  and I feel guilty even typing that, knowing that so many other ladies have been through so much more.  It's up to God now.  We have done our part.  I will continue to pray for our BFP, one or two healthy babies, and a happy ending to this ttc journey.


  1. As someone slated to do this for the first time next month, I greatly appreciate your account. I will be praying for your BFP too!

  2. OMG don't feel guilty at all... I will totally be thinking of you and hoping and praying for a hookup as well. :D C'mon BFP! GL!

  3. It sounds very promising! When will/can you test?