Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby Sunshine gets an A+!!!

Yesterday was the long-awaited trip to see the pediatric cardiologist. Nicest guy ever!!! Anyway, we had an approximately 30 minute ultrasound in which he called our little guy by name (sorry, I'm not announcing yet!) repeatedly, called out a bunch of numbers to his nurse who was filling out the report, and then explained the results to us in the consultation room afterwards. He explained what the major heart problems are that many babies with Downs have in common. He explained to us the difference in function between the heart of a fetus and the heart of a baby...very interesting. And, in the end, gave us a perfect report card, and said that little man has no heart abnormalities whatsoever. He offered to take a look at him once he is born, but said that there was no reason for us to come back otherwise. I haven't stopped smiling since! I knew it would be OK!

Immediately before that appointment we saw our peri for a 24 week check up. We only got 1 good 3D that we haven't scanned yet. I'll post it later. Baby Sunshine weighs 1 lb. 6 oz. and is on the high end of normal. Fluids are great, growth is great, placenta looks great, cervix is long and closed. Sounds like we are doing quite well for our high risk status. Oh, and both doctors felt his kicks from the outside while doing their exams! He has become quite active. I sure hope that Pierce feels him soon!


  1. yay! i love this post!!! and i cannot wait to hear his name!! i do love baby names..

  2. happy to read great news about the LO's heart!

  3. Amazing, awesome news!!! I know that it is quite common for a baby with DS to be born with a hole in their heart. So happy your little one doesn't have any cardio issues!! Keep up that great work.....whatever it is that you are doing, he's doing great!!
    And, like PP, I can't wait to hear his name either. I am so glad you had a kind hearted doctor who spoke about your son with his name. I am sure that gave you a great feeling.