Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Viability Day!

No, I don't want him to be born any time soon, but it is nice to know that if he was he would have a fighting chance. 40% is not great odds, but it is a milestone, one that I often wondered if we would ever reach. Here is the promised 3D pic. So sweet!! However, I do think he's got the world's biggest lips. He also has some really big legs, so maybe he kicked himself in the face and gave himself a fat lip. Well, speaking of big, I am going to post my 24 week belly pic. I think I look pretty huge. It's hard to believe that I have only put on about 12 pounds, but I guess the extra 10 from thyroid problems and fertility treatments before hand didn't do me any favors either!

This picture was taken in his nursery. As you can see,
all we have done is the paint. My cousin gave us the
glider as a shower gift, and the animals have been
acquired over several years. The large giraffe,
we call her Penelope, has been our inspiration
for his safari themed nursery. I made Pierce
buy Penelope for me when we were in Vegas,
and he had won a good chunk of money.
He thought it would be fun to keep on playing
and probably lose everything, but I insisted that
we have something to show for his
winnings. We had been trying for a baby for only a
few months at that point, and I told him that our
baby would definitely need a giraffe.
Funny how he has about five giraffes now.


  1. awww, look at that face!!! YAY for V-day, like you said its nice to know they have a CHANCE at survivial.

    You look great btw, and that nursery theme is super cute.

  2. Oh, so cute!

    Okay...I'm sorry I'm so behind with keeping up with people. Feeling very guilty about it, but I'm trying my best to get back in the swing of things!

    Marvy and I have prayed for you guys and specifically prayed that the down's diagnoses does not cause any additional complications to Baby Sunshine. Your viability day is a great accoplishment. We are so happy to see your great progress!

    You look adorable! Give my love to Pierce!

  3. YEAH, for reaching this huge milestone!!! Of course, you are not ready for him yet, and he's not ready yet--but that will come in NO time! I am sure he is all snuggled in for at least the next 15 or so weeks.
    And those lips--yes, they do look like beautiful lips!!! Quite the opposite of my son. His are almost non existent!!
    As for your pics--you look incredible. What ever the weight gain, I think you must have needed it. You look healthy, happy and the bump is amazing!
    The nursery is coming together and I LOVE the giraffes. What an awesome story to be sharing with him when he gets here. All this time, planning, buying and waiting just for him!!! He is so loved.

  4. Happy Viaibility Day! It is so worth celebrating!
    Fat lip or no, Baby Sunshine is adorable. And you look fabulous!

  5. Oh he's so beautiful, I hope you don't mind me using that term for your son.
    You look amazing also.
    Keeping you in my prayers.