Monday, September 7, 2009

20 week drive-by post

Yes, it's true. I have a whole lotta catching up to do. A quick summary: Pierce and I are learning a great deal about DS and preparing for our big "test". I love this analogy Pierce came up with. We don't know how our baby will be affected much like as students we never knew what questions would be on the test, so we had to learn everything. We are in the process of learning and preparing as much as we can. More about that as our journey continues....

I am finishing up (BOO!) some much needed vacation. I had not really had a vacation since January when we had IUI #1. That's seems like a lifetime ago! Baby Sunshine went on his first road trip up north to Indiana, Chicago, and Wisconsin to visit family. While we were there, my very generous grandmother (the same one who paid for most of our IVF) threw us a baby shower. Our little one received so many thoughtful and generous gifts from our wonderful family. I also got to see my very best friend from college, who I had not seen in 8 years! We promised to never let that happen again. I cannot count how many times I was moved to tears that day. Pictures to follow. As with any road trip there are many silly stories to tell as well.

We had our 20 week appointment on the 4th, and he is right on track with growth. His heart still looks fantastic, but we are seeing a cardiologist this week for a second opinion. He weighs about 12 oz. now, and the u/s tech basically told us he was going to be big. I think a c-section is sounding better every day! Still waiting to feel movement. I think I have felt some squirming lately, but nothing I would classify as kicks. I asked the doctor where his feet should be, so I would know where to be expecting kicks. Needless to say, I thought they were somewhere else entirely so I was more prepared for a good punch. Regardless, Little Guy, Mommy would like to feel something obvious very soon!

A quick note of gratitude to everyone who responded and/or supported us through the initial shock of Baby Sunshine's DS diagnosis. Although we are still frightened and overwhelmed, we are considerably less so, knowing that we have so much love surrounding us. It is our only hope that we are able to, in some small way, be there for all of you, and we hope that you will call on us when you need someone to pick you up in order to continue your journey.

Peace and Love!


  1. So glad that baby sunshine is continuing to do well :)hoping you feel confirmed movement soon!

  2. I've been hoping you'd update. I'm glad baby sunshine is doing well and I hope you feel some good kicks soon.

  3. I am sure he will be kicking the c%*p out of you in NO time....haha Bet ya never wished someone would punch you right?? So glad things are moving right along and your Sunshine is right on target.
    As for the first one was a surprise---not enjoyable by any means. The second was planned and I would have a million babies that way!!! Ask your doc about "cleaning out your system" before. I swear that made the difference for me as far as pain went.
    Good Luck!!! As always, thought and prayers for all of you!!!