Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The "Sconsin"

While visiting with Miller's godparents on Memorial Day, we learned that their nephew called his grandparents "Gramsie" and "Grampsie".  I about fell over in shock because, you see, those are the exact names I called my mother's parents when i was little.  I thought that I had invented it and was a bit taken a back that another little person had adopted my names and had not cleared it through me.

A few days later I was having a conversation with my best friend, and we were trying to decide what Miller might call all of his grandparents.  My grandma is, obviously, his great-grandma, but my mother takes offense to that because in her mind, "great" implies better.  We decided that he should probably just call her "Grandma".  Now, my mother signs all of her cards to Miller, Grandma Diane.  She does not refer to herself as Grandma Miller because that was my dad's mom to all of us.  There was only one Grandma Miller, and those are not shoes she is willing to fill.  Anyway, he can't call her by her first name because that would be inappropriate, so if he were to think of her as Grandma Miller, which might be confusing, he may end up calling her "Grandma-me" or to make it easier, "Grammy".

Now that that is all sorted out, we turn to Pierce's parents.  I called my dad's parents, "Grandma and Grandpa from Florida".  So we decided that Miller will most likely refer to them as "Grandma and Grandpa from Wisconsin".  My next comment was that Wisconsin was probably quite a mouthful for a little one, and I wondered what it might turn in to.  When I asked Pierce if he knew, he thought that perhaps it would be "Consin".  This sounded logical to me.

Tonight I was sharing the conversation with my mother, who can't remember what happened yesterday but is brilliant when it comes to the past.  I told her that Miller would probably call Pierce's parents "Grandma and Grandpa from Wisconsin", and she said,  "Oh, The Sconsin".  "What is that?" I said.  She repeated, " The Sconsin, that's what you called it when you were little. "   And there you have it:  A moment of clarity and his grandparents' names.

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