Sunday, June 20, 2010

A New Holiday

Of course Father's Day isn't new.  It's been around forever...nearly as long as fathers have been, I suspect, but it's always been a day of sitting on the sidelines for me.  My first Mother's Day this year was a big deal to me but not nearly as important to me as Pierce's first Father's Day.  I never had a father to buy a card for.    I never selected horrible ties or gallons of Old Spice for the man who helped bring about my existence.  I simply looked at old photos, longingly, as my friends all gathered with their families and went out for nice dinners.  I remember a silly little song we used to sing in elementary music where the teacher went around the room, and each kid called out their father's occupation and we sang about it....

"My old man's a doctor, whatta ya think of that?  He wears a doctor's collar, he wears a doctor's hat. He wears a doctor's raincoat, he wears a doctor's shoes.  And every Saturday evening, he reads the doctor's news!  And someday, if I can, I want to be a doctor, just like my old man!'

And so this little ditty went around and around the room until it got to me.  I would turn red and break out in hives, knowing that the teacher would get to me soon.  'My old man's a (pause)'  waiting for me to shout it out.....uh, 'DEAD', I squeaked.  And so was the song.  Hindsight being twenty/twenty and all, I realize that I could have said 'teacher', as that is exactly what he was before he became the other, but I panicked.

Father's Day was never a happy time for me.  I bought cards for my grandfathers, and I know I begrudgingly signed cards for the stepmonster.  It was a day for other people to celebrate but not for me.  That is until now.

We didn't have a fancy dinner.  Pierce got a card from me and one that Miller picked out for him.  By picked out I mean, we were at Target, and I held up two cards in front of my son.  He grabbed the one with the two elephants on the front and promptly put it in his mouth.  Decision made.  I also found an outfit for Miller in a 9 month size (too big) that says, "I (big red heart) Dad".  I told him to give it to Daddy, and he held the Target bag tight in his fist and wouldn't give it up.  And then, you guessed it, put it in his mouth.  There's a lot of that going on in our house right now.

Pierce received several texts and phone calls wishing him a very happy Father's Day.  Even my best friend from high school, who has been reduced to a Facebook friend, sent him a shout out, and she's never even met the guy.  All in all, it was the best Father's Day on record for me, and I am sure they will only get better.  Next year maybe I will let Miller pick out a tie!

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