Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Belly Shots (not the fun kind...)

They have arrived.  I had a strange excited/scared/can't breathe feeling when the FEDEX truck pulled up this morning.  It didn't help that the cable guy was here, asking me lots of questions about routers, high def, and lots of other crap that they never taught at Valpo University.  "That's your job.  I sell clothes.  Let's move on!"  Anyway, I could feel my face flush as I set the box on the kitchen counter in his presence.  He didn't look my direction, but HE COULD and if I opened the box I would be outed...to some random cable guy.  That of course is assuming that he knew as much about gonadotropins and Sharps containers as he does about fiber optics.  I am guessing I would have taken that round.

It's suddenly real.  $1022.72 worth of real anyway.  It's not like I opened the box, and our baby hopped out.  It's a new beginning, one that I hope follows very shortly after the ball falls on Time Square.  This would be no time for my body to give me attitude.  I pray that this is the answer,  and we don't require more invasive treatments.  I pray for a healthy pregnancy that brings us a healthy child.  I pray that those scary needles on the kitchen counter and packs of cartridges in the fridge help bring us a happy ending.

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