Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eviction Notice....

We have received Miller's eviction notice. If he does not decide to come out on his own (and why would he?), we are being induced on January 11 at 5:00am! I was trying to avoid this date as I know several people with the same birthday, but in the end, they are all wonderful friends and will be honored to have him share their birthday. I wasn't completely sold on the date until I wrote it down...01/11/10. How cool is that?!?! Numbers don't usually get me excited, but how often can you say the date forward or backward and have it be the same? Love it!

Mom and Grams are flying in on the 7th and staying through the 16th. I know this will be wonderful and stressful all at once, but I really was having trouble with the idea of having our baby without my mom around. I think the worst part was the fact that I know most of our friends will receive pictures via modern technology within hours of his birth, and my poor mom would have to wait for us to get something printed and mailed to her or find a neighbor with internet access. The whole idea was making me sad. I am also glad that she will get to see me really big and maybe feel him move. She saw me at 19 weeks, and I was just starting to get a little belly. It was probably a month later before I felt movement, so she hasn't experienced any of this with me at all. It will be long as I don't kill her. And I am only half kidding.

So now we have an official deadline to work toward. Pierce is putting in the car seat today, and I am continuing to organize the nursery. Yesterday I felt horrible all day and didn't accomplish anything. Today, or at least at this minute, I feel good, so I need to seize the moment!


  1. i will be happy to share my birthday with baby miller =) im so excited! and we cannot wait to meet him!!

  2. We will be waiting to meet baby Miller here! Enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy, for they truly are amazing.

  3. Jan. 10th is a good day for a baby also. ;-)

    I'm very excited for you, I honestly didn't realize you were THIS CLOSE to your little boy!!!!!

  4. Thinking of you guys tomorrow! May you have a calm, wonderous and peaceful birth as you welcome Miller.