Sunday, July 5, 2009

Waiting for the placenta reprieve....

They say that around 11 weeks I should start feeling remarkably better because the placenta will be up and running and taking care of little one's hormone needs. We are 11 weeks today, and I am so ready! I have spent a perfectly good holiday weekend on the couch, playing the "What sounds good" game with my digestive system. Pierce and I have been convinced that the baby is a girl for awhile now, and yesterday I mentioned that maybe we should stop thinking that in case she is a boy. Pierce is convinced that ever since I said that out loud, she has been pissed at me for calling her a boy and is making my existence a living hell. So, please, may this go on the record as my official written apology to Baby Sunshine. I am sorry, Sweetheart, and I will not make assumptions until you have identifiable parts. You are daddy's little girl until a sonogram tells us otherwise.

Unbelievably, we will have an 80% guess as to the baby's sex this Friday! Now, I don't think I can go out and register based on an 80%, but I thought we would have to wait until 20 weeks for any kind of determination. This Friday is also the BIG TEST. We will find out if our baby is at a higher risk for Down's Syndrome and several other chromosome defects. We already know we are at a higher risk going into it because of my age, so all I can do is continue to pray. I think once we get past this one, I will be able to enjoy this time a little bit more. Maybe the magic placenta can kick in on the same day, and next Saturday I will wake up feeling amazing. A girl can dream.

We did see our little one on Thursday. This was our first experience with the "on top of my tummy" sonogram. She mentioned that it may not work, and we might have to rely on my old friend but it worked like a charm! No sooner had she rubbed the gel on me and pressed down on the transmitter that I saw a very active Baby Sunshine coming in to focus. The tech laughed and said we have a very happy baby because she was dancing and waving her arms at us. After she mellowed out a bit, she started sucking her thumb. The fact that she is 1 3/4" long, and we can tell all of that, is completely amazing to me. We can even make out a pretty good profile on one of the sonogram pics. Pierce said she has a big nose. I am thinking maybe it's just growing faster, and the rest of her face will catch up. She's only been cooking for 64 days!

I will update on Friday when we get home. My OB/GYN said that the sonogram shots they will get for these tests will be amazing compared to anything I have seen in her office. We'll see what that nose looks like then. I am sure it will be perfect.

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  1. I was sick literally until I hot 12 weeks, and have even been sick once or twice since then. It does get better though!!